Work with Ripe

Ripe is for those who know that stepping into the work or personal life you want is…work. If you’re ready to roll up your sleeves and be challenged by someone with a winning track record, exec leadership skills and strong EQ, you’re in the right place. And get ready to feel more empowered than you’ve ever been. Ripe seeks clients who are ready to disrupt the status quo within.

Approach: The goal in working with Ripe is to have clear goals, strategy, and an action plan in place. This helps keep focus and ensures momentum.

Career Accelerators Offered:

  • Career – Health check-in; How is your career? Is it what you want? What are your plans for 2018?
  • Job Switch – So, you’ve decided to leave. Make an informed plan versus jumping ship, especially if you’re not happy at your current job.
  • Tough Conversations – Clarify your path and look critically at obstacles. Start your conversations from a well-thought place.
  • Manage Your Review – It comes once, maybe twice a year. It’s your opportunity to shine and shift the narrative to what you want.
  • Going for the Raise – How to build the best case for a raise and get what you’re worth. Get some help telling the story you need in order to win.
  • Making it to Veep – You’ve been plugging along, putting in long hours and are the consummate team player. But the corner office eludes you.
  • Challenging Employees – Maybe you’re in senior management now and have a tough team to guide to the goalpost. HR may not be digging deep enough to understand the team dynamics. Our accelerator can help look at your team strategy, obstacles and opportunities. Walk away with a game plan.