Hannah – Challenge: Fast-tracking to a key leadership role in a $2.5B corporation.

Serin saw something in me that I doubted in myself.  I desperately wanted to move to the next level professionally, but wasn’t sure what steps to take to get there.  With her mindful guidance, I carefully navigated a tricky political and professional environment to become a leader in both my company and industry.  Serin’s coaching gave me the confidence and encouragement I needed to dare mighty things.  She willed me to be successful and today I have a meaningful career to show for it.

Allie – Challenge: Navigating an industry/career change and a critical move to the West Coast.

I cannot say enough amazing things about Serin. Not only is she incredibly talented and driven herself, but she helps bring out the best qualities within yourself. She is a source of light in otherwise dark times. She has helped me find my true self, identity personal goals, and has given me the tools to accomplish those goals. The wisdom and knowledge she has imparted on me is truly invaluable and I would recommend her to my friends and family over and over again.

Brittany – Challenge: Shifting internal perceptions from humble “doer” to a dynamic, up and coming executive.

I’ve worked with Serin for over a year and in that time gained valuable knowledge and tools that helped grow my career.  She refined my soft skills, encouraged me to further my management training, and due to her mentorship was able to land a VP promotion. I would highly recommend Serin’s consulting services.

Laurie – Challenge: Navigating a tough personal challenge with grace.

I am so happy to have found Serin.  She knew exactly what my situation was and was able to guide me in ways that were acceptable to me.  I have sought a lot of guidance for a personal issue.  Serin was able to meet me where I am and help me see things in uncomplicated and useful ways.  She is gentle and kind. What I learned has motivated me to take positive steps.  I have recommended her to others with complete confidence.  

Jade – Challenge: Determining approach and desired outcome in a long-term relationship.

“I have received coaching from Ripe for over two years now, and love the connection I feel to my own highest good and body/mind wisdom. My life has grown in leaps and bounds and I am happier, healthier and stronger in every area of my life that matters to me! Ultimate gratitude for the work Ripe has done for me. I highly recommend their coaching.